About Us

This project was started in September 2001 by Joshua Good, a 9/11 survivor. As an experienced Group Leader and Community Service Coordinator for various youth, college and adult groups, Josh organized projects to address unmet community needs, focusing on transforming environments in medical and foster-care facilities for kids, then adding other beneficiaries and types of facilities as more projects were added. After 17 years and 600+ completed projects for 100+ community facilities, we are now offering new projects that make it simple for groups in any location to get involved and make a difference.

Message from the Founder

I have been volunteering and participating in community service projects since I was 13 - I like to believe it is in my DNA.

The first project I organized was after 9/11 for my college fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and some other college organizations on campus at Pace University, in downtown NYC. It was very difficult to live, go to school and work in Lower Manhattan in the weeks after the tragedy happened, so I realized that I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING to help me and my friends be distracted from the horrible experience we were having.

I created a community service project that was was FUN, AS EASY AS POSSIBLE, THERAPUTIC, and HAD A MEANINGFUL PURPOSE. Along with local college and youth groups, we created artwork to decorate playrooms for kids in the NYU Hospital in New York City.

Sept. 2001

Since 2001, I have lead all different types of community groups to create and donate murals, paintings, holiday cards and decorations, smile cards, thank-you cards, as well as collect and donate food, clothing, toys, books and games to help those that are in unfortunate situations in community facilities.

I hope you participate in one of our projects and have a great experience - and please promote your Completed Project on social media to inspire others to help their community.

Have fun!

Josh Good - Founder, Team Leader and Project Coordinator